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Investigator and Lawyer

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Jennifer White

B.A., LL.B., LL.M., AWI-CH

Investigating Allegations Confidentially and Fairly

Jennifer White is a professional investigator and lawyer based in Ottawa, Canada and she is available to organizations of all sizes in both the private and public sectors. Jennifer conducts administrative, regulatory and human rights investigations into allegations of harassment, discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual violence, code of conduct violations and other inappropriate workplace behaviours. Jennifer conducts fair, thorough, thoughtful and confidential investigations and prepares a report of her investigation for use by the organization in moving forward.

Jennifer has a unique specialization in police matters and is a roster investigator for the New Brunswick Police Commission. Jennifer is also on the National Master Standing Offer (NMSO) List for the Federal Government under both the harassment and violence categories and is a roster investigator with the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada (SDRCC). Jennifer is particularly proud of her involvement with the New Brunswick Sexual Crimes Working Group.

Experienced Private & Public Sector Investigator

Jennifer White conducts investigations into allegations of inappropriate behaviour.  She is retained by organizations to make findings of fact about what actually happened between the parties and is often also asked to measure these findings up against applicable policy or legislation.  A client report is prepared that contains a summary of the process, the evidence, her analysis, her findings, as well as the ultimate conclusions from her investigation. Clients are provided with appropriate updates throughout the process and Jennifer is always available to explain the findings of her investigation.

Jennifer takes pride in conducting investigations that are fair to both the complainant(s) and the respondent(s). Parties and witnesses are interviewed in a thoughtful and prepared manner, with careful consideration to ensure confidentiality at all stages.

Previous clients appreciate the thoroughness of Jennifer’s reports, her understanding of the role that workplace culture plays into employee actions, and her ability to communicate effectively with all levels of an organization.

Jennifer is often asked to peer review other investigators’ reports.

Services offered:


Reviews of Investigations

Investigation Coaching

Peer Review of Reports

Policy Review and Development

Workplace Restoration


Small and Large Group Training

One-on-one Respectful Workplace Training


Photo Credit -Sebastian Holmes @_sh.creative_

The investigation process:

Prepare and review

1. Consultation with the client to establish mandate and timelines

2. Review of applicable policies or legislation

3. Review of written complaint

(if applicable)

Interview and Provide Notice

4. Preparation and interview of the complainant(s)

5. Preparation of the statement of particulars and distribution to the respondent(s)

6. Preparation and interview of the respondent(s)

7. Preparation and interview of the witnesses

Decision Making

8. Gathering of reply or follow-up evidence (if applicable)

9. Complete report including findings of fact

10. Distribution of the report to the client

11. Consultation with the client to confirm that the findings and analysis are clear


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Ottawa Canada

Exceptional Work Experience

Jennifer spent many years working as a lawyer in the labour relations field in the aviation and policing sector.  Jennifer worked for 9 years as in-house counsel for an Inuit-owned airline, 4 years for the Ottawa Police Service and 2 years working for the civilian oversight body of the RCMP.  Before launching out on her own in September 2018, Jennifer spent 2 years working for a Toronto-based boutique law firm that specializes in conducting investigations and training.

Jennifer’s experience in a wide variety of complex organizations, including heavily unionized workplaces, has given her exposure to a number of human resources best practices and policies.

Serving Private & Public Sectors

Past investigation clients have included universities, government departments and agencies, police services, municipalities, utility companies, unions and both small and large private sector companies. Jennifer has conducted over 60 investigations as a third-party neutral.  Jennifer has been found to be a “competent person” under the Canada Labour Code in a number of federally-regulated investigations.

Jennifer is currently a roster investigator with the New Brunswick Police Commission and the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada.  Jennifer is also on the National Master Standard Offer (NMSO) list that is used by the federal government for the best professionals in their field; she has qualified in both the harassment and violence categories.

Excellent Academic Credentials

Jennifer attended Trent University for her undergraduate degree (B.A.) in Politics and History and spent a year abroad studying in Swansea, Wales.  Jennifer obtained her Law Degree from the University of Ottawa (LL.B.) and then later completed a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Alternative Dispute Resolution at Osgoode Hall, York University. Her Master’s thesis paper was on the incorporation of mediation into public complaints against the police.

Jennifer also obtained her Certificate in Adjudication for Administrative Agencies, Boards and Tribunals from Osgoode Hall and her mediation certification from CDR Associates in Boulder Colorado. Jennifer has also taken courses from Harvard Law School, Program on Negotiation.

Jennifer has received specific training on trauma-informed interviewing, administrative law and procedures and making credibility assessments.

Operating all across North America

Jennifer White Professional Corporation is available to conduct investigations across North America.  Clients have brought Jennifer in to conduct investigations in their own jurisdiction in situations where local investigators might not have the necessary impartiality. As a lawyer, Jennifer is able to conduct investigations in most jurisdictions.

Available for Small & Large Group Training

Jennifer is available to provide small and large-group training in investigation techniques, respect at work, and alternative dispute resolution.

Jennifer is often asked to speak at industry-specific conferences and workshops on harassment investigations.

Jennifer is also a Featured Expert at Informed Opinions and available to provide her expertise on harassment investigations to media.

Available for the Development of Policy and Procedures

Jennifer’s experience dealing with a large number of corporate and institutional policies makes her an excellent resource for policy development.  She is often retained by organizations for her insight into what does and does work in a prescripted investigation process.  Jennifer is also often asked to provide feedback to clients post-investigation on areas of improvement for their own harassment policies.

Recent Publications

Jennifer often writes articles and blogs on some of the issues faced by investigators and is always keen to share her experiences and knowledge with other investigators. 

Contact Jennifer

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